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How to get a Sponsor to buy your Football Kit

Sponsorship can be a difficult subject to approach for many Football Clubs. There is a certain amount of 'selling' your club to potential sponsors involved, and this can be difficult for many people to do. For many small clubs, sponsorship is a vital part of their ability to participate in their sport.

The first step is to try and list the names of potential friends and associates, which may include local businesses. You may find that some of your team players have friends and family who may be in a position to help. Some supporters of the club may be willing to get involved, either in helping to arrange sponsorship, or even supplying sponsorship themselves. People who have supplied equipment to you may want to strengthen ties to your club in order to increase the prospect of your repeat business, and businesses within your local community may wish to have greater links to the community by sponsoring the local team.

Rather than approaching people blindly, it is well worth putting these preparations in place, as you are more likely to gain sponsorship from people who understand you, and know what you are trying to achieve, or have appreciated the work you have done so far. Larger companies may be worth approaching, but you may well be competing against a larger number of people. Some companies will have a budget which they will use towards marketing, and sponsorship may be one of these. You need to be aware of what happens in your community, and over the course of the year, it may be worth noting the names of those companies who sponsor teams. Most companies expect to get something back from their sponsorship deal, even if only a mention with you in the local paper, so keep in touch with the company and let them know how much their sponsorship is having an effect. Be aware that some companies may not provide money, but they may be prepared to sponsor kits, individual players, and smaller items.